“Pursuing a “happy company” mechanism Daisuke Koizumi CPA Office

  • Strong in support of owner management
  • Strong in M&A and stock listing support (IPO)
  • One-stop solution for accounting, legal and labor issues
  • Good at providing services to foreign companies!
  • An accounting office close to the customer
  • Pursue a happy company structure
Representative Certified Public Accountant/Tax Accountant Daisuke Koizumi
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Representative Certified Public Accountant/Tax Accountant
Daisuke Koizumi

Daisuke Koizumi Accounting Office is an all-round accounting firm providing its professional expertise related to accounting, taxes and business to all types of clients ranging from foreign and domestic corporations to sole proprietorships and individuals.


We provide appropriate and practical solutions for accounting & taxation service
for Foreign affiliated company.


We provide audit services for foreign affiliated company in accordance with group accounting policy.
Japanese subsidiaries often switch to us from big 4 worldwide audit firms due to high service costs. We also provide a GAAP adjustment service in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Group Accounting Policy if requested.

Monthly bookkeeping

We provide monthly bookkeeping services (in English or Japanese)


We provide tax filing services for corporate tax, consumption tax,
local tax and individual income tax after clearing tax issues specific to foreign companies.
For foreign companies, we can handle Japanese tax matters as your tax agent.

Registered Address Service

At a minimum, establishing a company in Japan requires a local registered address. For this minimum legal requirement, we can support Registered Address Service as virtual offices.

First of all, let’s meet and talk.

Let’s meet and talk and start from there.Let’s meet and see if we can provide the service you want, whether it is within your budget, and whether it feels good.

We look forward to your first contact.
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